Wednesday 5 June – Rubble

by Angus Cameron

Rubble. Charred remains of a building.

Eight playwrights enter and start picking up the debris.

They are joined by a babble of babies.

A youngish South Asian woman called Sonia arrives with Penny, Anthony, Kristina, and Richard, they all nod at each other and get to work.

Soon they’re joined by One, Two and Three, Annie (carrying a box of olive oil) and another staff member. They have equipment.  

Then a preacher and Mother Kangaroo Mary, A and B, and a burned child show up to help.

A couple of old people, a teacher, a family, with a sword, and some doofers show up — they acknowledge the others and get stuck in.

A cleaner and a stranger, having come a long way, rest for a moment before they start.

Bill shows up and so does Tony Jones.

After a moment, the Prime Minister appears. They all stop and look at him, then ignore him and get back to work.

He joins in.

Perhaps even a director shows up to help.

They rebuild La Mama.

Then they take their seats.

They all wait expectantly.

Then, finally:

Liz Jones:     Who’s on first?

They all look at one another.


Tuesday 4 June – Till Next Time

by Amelia Evans

A flower is on stage. Characters A, B, C, D, E and F are there.

A is doing a high intensity workout from the computer screen

C is playing a killing video game

B is reading the paper

D is watching the news from June 4th 2019, while tweeting on their phone.

E is talking on their phone

E     It’s ok.

Yes I know.

    But whatever it is – it’s ok…

    Even if it’s that…

I know

    But if it’s that – then it’s that and that’s ok



C dies in the game

A get’s tired and just watches the video of others working out

B starts making paper planes from the paper

D falls asleep

E hangs up the phone – turns off D’s TV, puts a blanket over them

A Turns off the workout video

C Turns off the video game and sits with B making paper planes

A looks at the flower.

They all take a breath.