Friday 26 April – I like it

by Emilie Collyer

In a kink dungeon somewhere in Western Australia. Two professional Dommes are setting up for the day. Props and costumes in evidence include caps, suits, short grey-haired wigs, glasses, generic round pale face masks.

DEE:          Such a good promo idea.

KAY:         Just responding to customer malaise. That sense we were getting, about people feeling disconnected. Remote. Impotent. And I mean, the hashtag was trending anyway.

DEE:          Exactly! Say who you are. Own what you like. Come get a free kink session for using the ‘I like’ hashtag. Brilliant. And it’s gone off the dial.

KAY:         Have we got enough props and costumes for all the scenarios?

DEE:          I’ve been responding to what’s coming through. Let’s see.

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