Thursday 30 May

by Keziah Warner

Thursday 30th May 2019

Annie is in her kitchen at home. She stands at the counter cutting up a lemon, with her mobile cradled between her ear and shoulder. A pot of soup is on the stove. On the table, there is a bottle of olive oil and some recently-unwrapped wrapping paper. She talks on the phone whilst occasionally tasting the soup.

ANNIE:    Friday, yeah.

We just had some drinks.

Yeah it was alright. I can’t drink so…

I got her a spa voucher.

Yeah. I thought… I don’t know. It’s been a big few months. Something relaxing.

Thank you, I thought so.

It was actually only when I went to get her the present that I realised I don’t really know anything about her. I mean, I know she has a daughter and she cares about fast rail and I think I heard her mention mini golf once but…

Annie accidently cuts herself.

Oh ow.

She sucks her finger where the cut is.

Sorry. Yeah, yeah mum I’m fine. Just cut myself.

A lemon.

So anyway I got a spa voucher in the end.

Olive oil.

Yes, just a bottle of oil. She wrapped it so

I know.

Well it doesn’t really matter now

She’s running for the senate.

She hasn’t asked me, but I’m not sure…


Oh soup.

Well it’s cold outside and I’m on a, you know, a health thing.

She squeezes the lemon into the soup.

Because it’s too sweet. Yeah.

Pumpkin, sweet potato and onions and zucchini, but I caramelised the/

Courgette yes. I know. Well I live here, mum.

No. I don’t know if the senate is what I want. I don’t know if politics is really

I know but it’s just a degree. Everything’s real life experience now and I’m sure my skills are transferable anyway. I mean, of course they are, right?


Oh. I remember. From school.

Is she?

Yeah maybe.

She tries the soup.

I said maybe! It’s still sweet.

Already tried tomatoes.

No it just tastes like sweet tomatoes.

Yes… I think I have dried chilli

She looks in the cupboard.

Yeah I could get in touch with her but

She finds the chilli.

Well mum she lives in England and we haven’t spoken since high school so we’re not exactly going to raise our kids together are we?

I’m not/

Is she?

Well I’m happy for her

Why would I know about parental conditions for archivists?

I’m not being/

I want to hear about it! What does she archive?

Why would I know?

We’re not friends on Facebook.

She adds the chilli, stirs, tastes.

Oh chilli helps.

Yeah. Thanks.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do, mum.

I know I have a child.


I know I need a job. I’m going to start looking

I’m not avoiding

Look it’s fucking scary ok? There’s this whole new person in the room, in my life and it’s like my brain has changed. Like how I’m seeing things is different now and I’ve been thinking about my career and everyone I’ve worked for and I don’t know if I’ve made the right choices and I just feel really kinda fucking scared about the world. Like it’s kind of terrifying actually and maybe this was all a stupid mistake and I’m sort of pretty fucking worried I’ve been fighting on the wrong fucking side.

I know. I’m not. I know you are.


It’s nine o’clock.

I know, well, the soup took longer than I thought.

Yeah, maybe.

I don’t know if I’m hungry.


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