Thursday 2 May

by Keziah Warner

Sara’s office, early evening.

Sara is on the phone. She’s wearing her trench coat. There are fifteen or so cases of olive oil piled around the room. She is resting her feet on one as she talks.

SARA: Just because they think it’s an emergency doesn’t mean we have to think it’s an emergency

Yes but it’s time we stood up for ourselves, established our own identity. We need to show our club members that we’re strong and independent, not just kowtowing to foreign trends

Yes, David. I understand.

Well if the UK jumped off a cliff should we jump off a cliff? I mean really, David

Yes. Yes.

Some of my best friends are polar bears, David. But look I really want to talk about our commitment to

I’d really like to keep this conversation local. To talk about the issues that matter to

My investment in local infrastructure is being rolled out over

Yes, of course.

Well ‘emergency’ is just a word, David. We’re investing $850 million in creating a faster and more reliable rail service, David, because every community matters David but mine matters the most to me personally and just yesterday I was turning the sod on a new netball pavilion David and if I could just say that

Look David, public transport in my region reaches on-time targets at a rate of 74% percent and I’m committed to making that 80% by 2021.

Thank you.

No problem David, I’m glad we could squeeze you in.

When’s this going out?

Excellent. Thanks David.

She hangs up.

Annie enters with another case of olive oil. She puts it down near the door.

ANNIE: That’s the last of it.

SARA: That one took a long time. Were you just gone somewhere?

ANNIE: Sorry, yes. My mum called. We’ve been trying to get each other for a few days so/

SARA: Ah, no problem.

ANNIE: How’d it go?

SARA: Well.

ANNIE: You got the transport stats in?

SARA: Yes. When’s it going out?

ANNIE: Day after tomorrow.

SARA: Good. That’s what he said.

ANNIE: … Right.

SARA: I haven’t met your parents have I?

ANNIE: It’s just my mum actually and/

SARA: Your mum then.

ANNIE: Well, no because/

SARA: I didn’t think so. What updates do you have for me? How’s my social media presence? What about the campaign materials? How’s that background colour scam going?

ANNIE: Colour scheme?

SARA: Yes that’s what I said.

ANNIE: Reactions have been mostly positive.

Sara stands up and picks up her bag. There’s a bottle of olive oil poking out of the top.

SARA: Terrific. Well I’ll see you / tomorrow

ANNIE: Sara, could I talk to you about something?

SARA: Can it wait? I promised Jem I’d read her history project. They’re doing a term on political influence.

ANNIE: Oh. Sure. What are they studying?

SARA: I don’t know, the Cold War or something. So we can touch base tomorrow?

ANNIE: Yes. Of course.

Annie sits down heavily on a crate.

SARA: You alright?

ANNIE: My feet hurt.

SARA: Yes. I expect those boxes were heavy.

Sara leaves.

Annie remains.


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