Wednesday 24 April

by Angus Cameron

A very rudimentary break room, somewhere reminiscent of a school camp.

Amy: You mean we’ll lose our jobs?

Tim: If they win. Yeah.

Amy: Fuck.

Tim: Hey.

Amy: Sorry. It’s just—

Tim: It’s bad, I know.

Amy: It’s not just me.

Tim: It’s all of us.

Amy: No, I mean. Yeah, obviously. But . . .

Tim: What is it?

Amy: Mum.

Tim: Is she getting worse?

Amy: Yeah.

Tim: We’ll be able to help. I mean, I’ll be able to—

Amy: Everyone is going to be busy enough with their own problems.

Tim: Hey, listen. You’re like family.

Amy: Thanks. I just don’t understand why anyone would shut us down?

Tim: It’s all part of the plan.

Amy: I know there’s a fucking plan.

Tim: Can you not, with the language?

Amy: I work hard.

Tim: I know.

Amy: And they’re just going to . . . They have no soul.

Tim: Look, I didn’t see the details. Maybe they’ll retrain us. There must be some kind of phase out.

Amy: I don’t want to retrain. I don’t want a phase out. I want my job.

Tim: I love you.

Amy: What?

Tim: I mean, I . . . That came out wrong.

Amy: You what?

Tim: Forget I said anything.

Amy: You . . . ?

Tim: Look, I’m sorry.

Amy: Do you . . . Really?

Tim: . . . I don’t know.

Amy: You sounded pretty sure.

Tim: Maybe. I think so . . . No.

Amy: Which is it?

Tim: I think it’s just my emotions. The tension. It’s a lot.

Amy: Love is . . . That’s a big word.

Tim: I know. It’s dumb. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me.

Amy: No, I just . . . I couldn’t hate you.

Tim: Really?

Amy: Come on, of course not.

Tim: Anyway. We’ve got work to do.

Amy: Wait. That’s really lovely.

Tim: Is it?

Amy: Yes.

Tim: I feel stupid.

Amy: Don’t. Love is . . . It’s sacred.

Tim: I don’t know if it’s love. I just . . . I want to help. With your Mum. With everything. I want you in my life. I see how hard you work and how much effort you put in. Some of the people here don’t realise that you’re filled with such beautiful light that radiates out. When you’re helping others I see it and my heart, it feels so full. They’re cruel sometimes, and you’re just trying to heal. Even if they close us down. Even if . . . I don’t know. I don’t know how you feel but . . . I want to be around you. I want you.

Amy: I . . . You mean a lot to me. Tim: But you don’t love me? Amy: I …

Tim: It’s okay.

Amy: I haven’t thought about it.

Tim: That’s worse.

Amy: Can you. Give me time?

Tim: Yeah, I shouldn’t have said anything.

Amy: I’m glad you did.

Tim: Really?

Amy: Of course. Really, you mean a lot.

Tim: You’re not just saying that?

Amy: No.

Tim: It isn’t the time for this kind of thing.

Amy: We do have to get back out there.

Tim: Yeah. Let’s just move on. Forget it. Can you do that? Let’s focus.

Amy: What are you doing on Sunday?

Tim: After church?

Amy: Yeah.

Tim: Just stuff around the house. I need to mow the lawn.

Amy: Would you like to go for a walk?

Tim: Really?

Amy: Just the two of us. Get to know each other outside work.

Tim: I’d . . . Like that.

Amy: Me too.

Tim: You don’t think I’m dumb?

Amy: I love what I do. You’re good at what we do, too. If they win, we need to be ready. We need to start planning our future now.

Tim: I can’t imagine a world without gay conversion therapy.

Amy: That’s why we need to start making plans. Just in case.

Tim: I’m going to pray they don’t win.

Amy: But just in case . . .

Tim: You’re so smart.

Amy: Right. Let’s get back out there.

Tim: Thank you.

Amy: For what?

Tim: For listening. For being you.

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